Determining fees

As a matter of principle, the fees for consulting, assistance, advice, drafting of private legal provisions, and pleadings, are set freely and in agreement with the client.

Fees are determined by the nature and complexity of the case, the time commitment, the client's financial situation, the costs incurred by the lawyer, the notoriety and the work accomplished by the lawyer.

How fees are determined

Following the first meetings with the client, the appropriate package of services for the client’s case are determined in full transparency. The priority of the firm is to agree upon the most reflective cost of their intervention, in the most reliable way for their clients.

HBE Avocats therefore offers different types of fees:

  • Time-spent basis: under this package, HBE Avocats invoices its intervention according to the precise time spent on the case. In this case, fee are invoiced to the client in an ongoing basis as the work is completed. This is done in a completely transparent manner.
  • Package fees: HBE Avocats determines, in agreement with the client, a total sum which will cover the entirety of the work to be carried out in the context of the case entrusted to it.
  • Success fees: under this package, generally used in advisory cases or litigation procedures with a high financial stake, HBE Avocats offer to integrate, in addition to the basic fee, a percentage, determined by mutual agreement, of the gains resulting from the legal procedure. In this case, the percentage will only be due if the procedure is successful.
  • Subscription: this is the most commonly used package by HBE Avocats for the global and personalised it offers to its clients. In this case, the firm works alongside its client and takes care of his or her legal needs over a given period of time. In complete transparency, it offers a quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription.

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