Maritime and Transport Law

On the strength of our upstream expertise with institutional and downstream expertise with transport companies, ship owners, freight forwarders, port operators, rail operators, etc., we well positioned to support and advise the various players in the transport sector.

We intervene in the following areas: Maritime and multimodal transport law, Air law, Land transport law (road, rail, waterway).

Our expertise covers national or international regulations applicable to the various modes of transport, the liability of the various stakeholders in the transport chain, the liability of freight forwarders, transport insurance, liability in the event of loss or damage. We also offer dispute prevention mechanisms adapted to international goods transport operations.

  • Maritime and Multimodal Transport Law

    Maritime Regulations

    • Maritime law and multimodal transport
    • Advice and litigation, compliance with French, European and international regulations on the transport of passengers, dangerous goods and other goods;
    • Maritime regulations including safety and security measures;
    • Environmental regulations - maritime pollution
    • Advice and assistance in ship registration.

    Asset financing

    • Ship financing transactions, leasing, sale-leaseback, sale and leaseback, sale of leasing portfolios and securitisation of leasing portfolios, tax-leveraged mortgages
    • Setting up documentary credit and financing means of transport
    • Pre-acquisition audit of ships or maritime companies
    • Mortgages and collateral.

    Drafting of contracts and development of commerical agreements

    • Construction and sale of ships
    • Contracts related to the operation of the vessel: contract of transport under bill of lading, vessel charter contract
    • Maritime sales contract, incoterms
    • The single multimodal transport document;
    • Logistics and transport commissions.

    Maritime Insurance and Liability

    • Civil and criminal advice and litigation related to the life and operation of the ship (shipowner, builder or charterer liability, pollution liability regimes)
    • Advice and litigation relating to the compensation of victims (faculties or civil liability)
    • Advice and assistance in the event of seizure and repossession of ships; judicial sale of ships, amicable or judicial expert appraisals
    • Transportation of goods, passenger transport, Cabotage, short sea shipping, international shipping, collision, general average, P&I, Towage, collision.

    Customs and port activities

    • Advice and assistance in disputes relating to customs law, and/or in relation to ports and port authorities
    • Advice and assistance in the context of the creation of handling companies, shipping agents and management of disputes.
  • Transport and Logistics Law - Railway - Waterway - Air Transport

    • Access to and exercise of professions
    • Transport of goods
    • Passenger Transport
    • Transport Commission
    • Transport Contracts
    • Supervision of subcontracting
    • Chartering
    • Responsibilities
    • Specific regulations (dangerous goods, waste transfers…)
    • Optimisation of the global supply chain
  • Transport and Liability Insurance

    • Support for our clients, insurance or reinsurance companies, P&I Club, involves advice and litigation, before the civil, commercial, criminal or arbitration courts;
    • Construction and Property, Bodies and Machinery, Faculties, P&I, Professional Negligence, Health and Safety, Personal Injury ;
    • Reinsurance, Drafting and Review of Insurance Policies for Product Liability, Commercial Risks, Environmental Risks, Industrial Risks, War Risks.

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